About Me

Growing up in Abu Dhabi, drawing has always been an activity that I enjoyed the most during my childhood! I spent my free time sketching with graphite and colored pencils, and painting with water colors. However, I stopped drawing to focus on my higher education studies at the university, until I successfully graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Then, I spent the next many several years working in IT at a local bank in Abu Dhabi. Even with a demanding career, I still managed to find some time to start learning oil painting. In 2012, I joined a local Art workshop in Abu Dhabi where I attended oil painting classes, twice a month (for around 6 months). In Jan 2017, I decided to immigrate to Ontario in Canada as a permanent resident, solo. It was the most terrifying, yet bravest, adventure I ever made! I moved around several cities until I finally settled down in a beautiful quiet neighborhood in Waterloo region. I was physically and emotionally exhausted I must admit. Once settled, I realized it is time to focus my energy on what I love the most, that is Art and oil painting. I setup a small studio at my home with all the necessary equipment and dedicated time to perfect my painting skills. It wasn’t until end of 2019 where I reached to a level I was ready to share my artwork publicly on social media. I was overwhelmed with the amount of admiration my paintings have received from a wide range of audience. I was so excited when I made my first painting sale with a thousand-dollar price tag!

Although my paintings ideas are quite random, they are all inspired by everything beautiful and powerful! I only want to deliver positive vibes through my paintings. Actually, there are endless possibilities of ideas I yet to discover!

You can view my original paintings here. If you are interested in owning an original, you can contact me along with the painting title.

I really thank you if you reached to this point! And thank you again for appreciating my artwork.

My Best Regards!


IG: @gk.oil.paintings

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