How to Choose a Personalized Custom Art – Tips For Requesting Commissioned Artwork

Are you thinking about having a personalized custom painting for your wall? If the answer is yes, here is what you need to know:

There are Four most important things to consider when you are investing in a custom painting:

1) Size of the Painting

Where do you plan on displaying your new painting? This will determine how big or small you want to go.

2) Subject

What do you want painted? It can be a stylized version of a photo you like, an iconic person, colorful abstract, an animal… The list can be endless.

3) Color Style

Are you looking for something with few colors with a main prominent color, such as the painting below of an Arabian horse with a blue color theme:  

Or do you like a painting with lots of vibrant colors like this one:

Do you prefer a painting with a black-white-gray color palette? or do you want the main subject to be of gray shades with a colorful background?

Do you want it to be inspired by a culture?

There can be endless possibilities of beautiful color combinations!

The room type where you plan to display the artwork can assist in choosing the color style:

  • Is it a living room with a bohemian décor?
  • Or a vintage-style bedroom? 60s – 70s retro style?
  • Is it an office/business location?
  • Does the business/room type require low-intensity color theme (e.g. earth tones/ gray theme), or high energetic color theme? or a mix of both?

As the artist, I want to give you as many details as possible to help you make these decisions.

I can’t wait to create something that you will appreciate for years to come!

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