DIY Acrylic Painting By Numbers for Adults – Fun Art Projects For Adults

I found this interesting paint-by-number DIY Kit that will unlock your hidden artistic talent! It can also be a great gift idea… The concept of this DIY kit is very simple, you will choose what painting you want to make from a huge selection (there are birds, animals, flowers… etc), then you will get a package that contains:

1) Acrylic-based paint set, each paint container is numbered.

2) A pre-printed canvas with the sketch of the painting you selected. Each specific area has a number matching to the paint container number.

3) Brush set of three sizes (large, medium and small)

One you complete the painting, you can frame it and hang it using the hanging kit provided in the same package.

I picked up the following paintings which you may like to try for your Paint-by-Number DIY Art projects:

Happy Creating!

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