Step by Step Painting – Featuring “Set Me Free” Oil Painting- How I Paint in Oil

My oil painting process goes through multiple layers, this is important to add depth and more color vibrancy in the completed painting. I will take you through the various stages of this painting from start to completion. You can try this process in your next painting project!

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Step1: Initial sketch using just pencils.

Step2: Sketch with just two colors of oil paints (Vandyke Brown oil paint and Ivory black diluted with turpentine solvent)

This is the first underpainting using Vandyke Brown and Ivory Black oil paints with turpentine, to define initial light & shadow values

Step3: This is the second underpainting, I used gray scale palette (Gray + Titanium white+ Ivory black). A dark underpainting will lead to an amazing result!

Step4: After the previous stage is completely dry, I started to apply the first layer of the actual colors, with very little to no turpentine

I applied the first layer of colors to the face and the background, then took a break!

Step5: I started adding the first layer of colors to the bird

I chose purple and teal blue for the bird!

Step6: After previous stage is completely dry, I worked on a 2nd layer of colors over the face, background and the bird

Step7: This stage was completely dedicated to the eye-mask! I applied a layer of dark red over the main part of the mask, and golden decoration over the dark part around the eyes (ensure that the dark underlayer is completely dry before applying the golden color to avoid messing it up!)

Step8: After the previous stage is completely dry, I started adding those lovely highlighted dots over dark edges! (Those are bright shades of mixed oil paints)

Step9: At this stage, the painting is almost complete, however, the colors may look a little bit dull after they dry, so to fix this, add a thin layer of Glossy Linseed Oil, the result will be amazing! it will bring the colors to life!

This is the final version of the painting! I hope you enjoyed this post 🙂

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