Step by Step Painting- Featuring “Karma” – Oil Painting Diary – How I Paint in Oil

I will take you through the different stages of this painting from start to completion.

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Session1: initial sketch using just pencils.

I sketched a basic concept of the background

Session2: This is an underpainting using Vandyke Brown oil paint with turpentine, to define initial light & shadow values

this is the first underpainting layer

Session3: this is the 2nd underpainting layer, I started mixing initial colors for face and hands

this is the 2nd underpainting layer

Session4: in this layer, I started mixing the initial colors for the background, as well as adjusting the face colors

Session5: in this layer, I started adding the details to the background

After a couple more sessions, this is the final version of the painting!

Check out my tutorial on how to mix oil colors with easy step-by-step instructions:

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