How I Chose the Color Scheme for Coco Chanel Painting

First of all, what made me choose to paint Coco Chanel? I was looking for an inspiration for my next painting, wasn’t sure what to paint… then while I was applying my favorite perfume “CHANEL Allure “, the amazing fragrance which I have been using the last 10 years, the inspiration hit me! My paintings are all about elegance, and who is more elegant than Coco Chanel? She is a legend! A symbol of class, grace and perfection… I searched the internet for a photo of her, I picked the clearest photo I could find out there… And since I love to use unique color mixes, I started to think of what colors to choose for the painting… Read on to find out!

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It was straightforward! Coco Chanel is a fashion icon, and she is all about elegant colors, so I collected the colors I wanted from the brand’s beauty products 🙂 I then organized them together into this collage, as a guide for my color palette 🙂

I started by a basic sketch with pencils, then by an Ivory Black oil paint.

I then proceeded with multiple layers, and reached to this stage and left it to dry. I chose blue color scheme for the background’s right side, and pink color scheme for the left side to add a pleasant colorful contrast to the painting

I then started to define more accuracy to the face, hair, and the background

This stage looks better, but I needed to add more highlights to the hair and the face

After the previous stage was completely dry, I started to add these beautiful highlights on the hair and the face, and also worked on the pearl neckless. And of course, an earing with CHANEL logo 🙂

So this is the final version! An elegant oil painting portrait for the elegant Coco Chanel!

(This painting is sold)

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Check out my tutorial on how to mix oil colors with easy step-by-step instructions:

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