Step by Step Oil Painting Featuring “Bewitched” – GK Painting Diary- How I Paint in Oil

In this post, I will take you through the stages of this painting.

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Session1: I start by a basic pencil sketch for the painting concept, directly on the canvas.

I added hamsa hands sketch in the background (evil eyes protection!)… A powerful spirit who is also protected from all the evil eyes!

Session2: After the basic pencil sketch is done, I proceed with a layer of a single dark color that dries fast, in this painting I used Ivory Black. I define the light and shadow values in this layer.

Session3: My choice for the face color is blue.. Blue color – in some cultures – is considered to repel the evil spirits..

Session4: I painted the background with blue color too!

Session5: In this layer, I started to add more bright colors, so the painting won’t look dull or boring…

Session6: I like to add bright “dots” over the dark solid lines in the background… to create a pleasant contrast!

Session7: Final touches… light blue color for her lips…

There you go! this is how I imagined the powerful spirit would look like! Powerful, yet beautiful!

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