Oil Painting Diary-“The Contemplating White Horse”

Everyone who saw this painting of an Arabian white horse fell in love with it! I’m personally surprised how I painted it, because it was the 2nd painting I ever made when I started learning oil painting altogether in 2012.. I was very confused about oil colors mixing and how to apply the paints on canvas!

The horse ended up having unique eyes that resemble those of a human in a contemplating moment! The funny thing is that, the early stages of this painting were so ugly that one of my friends said: “That’s not a horse, this is a mouse!” 😦 However, I continued working on it for about a month, experimenting with various mixes of oil colors, and fixing the parts that looked weird… until I reached to this mesmerizing final version!

Stage1: Pencil sketch is a must for me! it is like “blueprint” of the painting

Stage2: Ok, I’m so embarrassed to show this stage, (behind the scenes of the horse painting!) it is so ugly, but it’s ok, as long as I was able to fix it!

Stage3: the embarrassment continues! this stage is even uglier!

Stage4: I’m glad I didn’t give up… I came up with this color scheme after experimenting with various combination of colors (I remember those colors until now!)

Amazing Original Oil Painting of an Arabian White Horse, Horse Portrait, Vintage Style Horse Painting, One-of-a-Kind White Horse Painting

The Final Stage! A one-of-a-kind piece of art…

The moral of story? That it is surprising what we are capable of doing if we just have more patience, and don’t give up early!

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