Oil Painting Diary- How I Paint in Oil- Featuring “Coffee Bliss” Painting

Day1: I start by sketching the painting concept in pencils, then by a single color of oil paint. In this painting, I used Vandyke Brown oil color. It dries fast so I don’t have to wait long before I start applying actual colors!

Day2: I wasn’t sure what colors to use yet, so I decided to paint a layer in gray-scale to define areas of lights and shadows, and probably this could give me an idea of what colors to choose! Also, a dark under-painting layer will add depth in the final painting…

Day3: After staring at the gray-scale for some time, I decided to use a combination of all bright colors possible, so I started mixing them and ended up with this layer. I left it to dry.

Day4: I wasn’t sure what colors to use for her hair and her sweater! So I tried this layer, and left it to dry…

Day5: I continued to experiment with different colors for the hair and sweater, but I still wasn’t happy!


I kept experimenting with different color mixes until I fell in love with these colors! dark red hair and bright green for the sweater with yellow highlights, and finally declared the painting “Completed” 🙂

Check out my tutorial on how to mix oil colors with easy step-by-step instructions:

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